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Keypad Warning for SimpliSafe Devices

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Keypad Warning for SimpliSafe Devices

SimpliSafe will caution you of potential issues with a blazing blue light at the base of the Base Station and messages showed on the Keypad. Realizing these notice prompts will really make the SimpliSafe installation less demanding and afterward dealing with the devices from there on. Here are some basic warnings and suggested solutions.

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 Keypad Warning for SimpliSafe Devices

Keypad Warnings for SimpliSafe Devices

Entry Sensor Open – SimpliSafe is cautioning you that you may have left an entryway or window open. Close open entryways and windows. On the off chance that they are as of now shut, ensure every Entry Sensor and its magnet are under 2 inches separated.

Low Keypad battery – Slide the front of the Keypad up and off of the divider (the back will remain to cling to the divider) and replace the 4 AA batteries. Read the SimpliSafe installation manual to realize how to replace Keypad batteries.

Power outage – Your Base Station will work as normal for 8 hours on its battery-powered reinforcement battery. On the off chance that your home has not lost power, ensure the divider plug is safely embedded into your power outlet and the Base Station.

Keypad out of range – If you see this message every now and again, your Keypad and Base Station might be too far separated for solid wireless correspondence. Take a stab at drawing them nearer together. You have to painstakingly arrange the segments as made reference to in the SimpliSafe installation for them to work without issue.

Sensor Error – A wireless sensor isn’t reacting. Move the sensor and Base Station nearer together or replace the sensor’s battery. On the off chance that the sensor # showed on your Keypad isn’t one of your sensors or it isn’t installed, expel that sensor from your system. The guidelines to introduce the sensors will be given in the SimpliSafe installation process.

Alert: [sensor type]-SimpliSafe is cautioning you that there was an ongoing alert. Utilize alert when entering your home. The notification message will be tidied when you press up.

No link to Dispatcher – SimpliSafe can’t speak with the Emergency Dispatch Service, for one of the accompanying reasons:

  • Your Emergency Dispatch Service isn’t dynamic. It would be ideal if you check your record at www.simplisafe.com.
  • The Base Station is situated in a zone with poor wireless coverage. Move it almost a window for better gathering. Tip: when you put the system in test mode the Base Station light will be brilliant when the wireless gathering is great and diminish when the gathering is poor.
  • There is no dial tone on your landline (on the off chance that you are utilizing a landline as a discretionary option in contrast to the wireless connection). If it’s not too much trouble connecting the Base Station to a phone jack with a dial

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Sensor already added – This message is shown when you are including a part effectively present in the system. You don’t have to make any move; your sensor is now prepared to utilize. In the event that you can’t utilize the segment, at that point first evacuate it and afterward pursue the SimpliSafe installation again to include it.

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