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We will collect your contact details only if we can secure these details from anyone. We are explaining our privacy policy for all the readers. This website is designed so that our readers can share their contact details without any doubts in their mind.

  • Your contact details like your name and email ID will be stored to our web server only till we need your contact details.
  • Google Adsense is activated to this website and cookies are collected so that you can get most relevant ad services for at your website.
  • Your cookies neither are nor shared to anyone else even if Google Ad services are activated to our website.
  • Our team will never send your spam emails neither call you for any kind of marketing needs.
  • Cookies are collected from your website and these cookies are collected so that you can get best online experience.
  • You can set your web browser in such a way that you can disable collecting the cookies.
  • We have privacy policy for children under 13 and we never collect contact information from child.
  • If your child shared any contact details to us then you can contact us any time.
  • We always protect your contact information and if you need t o change your contact details in future then you can contact us any time to edit these details.

These are some key points about our privacy policy so that you can feel free to contact us and share your personal details with us. Our team can change the privacy policy for your benefits so that you can have more accurate relationship with us.