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Replacing Batteries for SimpliSafe Security Devices

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Replacing Batteries for SimpliSafe Security Devices


Home security is one of the primary concern of every family man. People want to keep their home secure from threats like thieves or intruders. A vulnerable home can also make its residents prone to danger and that’s why people are investing so muchin their home security.

But while there are security companies offering you superior security services, they always demand that you sign acontract with them for many years, which is usually very expensive. Thus it may not always be in the budget of everyone to hiretheir services.

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Thus, SimpliSafe provides you with affordable home security devices, with simplisafe.com login.

What is SimpliSafe Security?

SimpliSafe is an affordable home security system that allows you to keep your home safe from threats like intruders, fires or floods. The system has many devices working together to allows you to monitor every aspect of your home, remotely with the help of simplisafe.com login.

The devices that typically include in the SimpliSafe security system are a base station, wireless keypad, motion sensors, entry sensors, panic buttons, siren, yard sign,and decals. You can also add up to 4 SimpliCams to the system, which together with the rest of the system become your eyes and ears when you are not home.

The cheapest SimpliSafe system starts at $229.96 and the most expensive pack is at $486.86. SimpliCams each cost up to $99. You can login to simplisafe.com login to know more about the SimpliSafesecurity system.

How to replace batteries on the SimpliSafe security devices?

Everything from sirens, panic button, motion sensors, water sensors, panic button, freeze sensors and entry sensors in the SimpliSafe security system works on batteries. So, you will need to replace the batteries when the juice in the older ones runs out.

To know about how long each device lasts on a single battery, go to simplisafe.com login. The battery life for sensors is 5 years and batteries in the keypad need to be replaced every 1 year.

  • Sensors and Keypad –To change the batteries in your sensors or Keypad, push up on the front of the sensor (toward the blue bolt) – the back will remain on the divider and the batteries will be uncovered. Supplant the batteries (AA for the Keypad and CO Detector; CR123 for Entry, Motion Sensors, Glassbreak, and Smoke Sensors; CR2032 for the Panic Button; and CR2450 for Water and Freeze). At that point slide the front of the sensor once more into the right spot.
  • Keychain remote –To change the battery in the Keychain Remote, first slide off the USB top. At that point slide the battery cover off by pushing the back of the Keychain Remote towards the USB connector. Supplant the battery with a CR1632 battery (a similar sort utilized in numerous watches).

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  • Base station –To change the reinforcement batteries in the Base Station, unscrew the base of the Base Station, remove the cover and supplant with new battery-powered AA batteries. Login in to com loginor read the instruction manual for more information.
  • Siren –For changing siren batteries, first remove it from the wall bracket and then unscrew the 6 screws that holds the batteries. Now, you can replace old batteries with new ones.

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